Why Mavshack Live?

Liveshopping - produktinfo

15 years of experience in streaming

Long experience is our strength. We’ve streamed over 23 million minutes of video worldwide since 2007.

Egen studio

Private studio in Värtahamnen

With Northern Europe’s largest green screen studio, we can create anything you can imagine. And then some.

Liveshopping - enkelt och flexibelt

Compatible with all platforms

Almost no matter what platform you are working with today, you can implement your existing web shop in our tool.

Liveshopping - produktinfo

Open live chat that's easy to moderate

Integrate and communicate with viewers throughout the event via the live chat feature.

Liveshopping - kostnadseffektivt

Real-time data

Mavshack Liveshopping gives you relevant data in real time. See what’s selling best and adjust what’s slowing you down.

Liveshopping - produktinfo

Top quality

Film and stream in the best possible resolution. Mavshack live supports multiple video resolutions and guides you right.

How to easily create an event

The only limit to what liveshopping can be is your imagination and it’s easy to get started – all you need is the Liveshopping app, a phone to film with and a computer.

Create a new event

Create a new event and add basic information.

Liveshopping - framtidens shoppingkanal

Add products

Insert the URLs of the chosen products from your e-commerce.


Use the app to stream with your phone and moderate the chat from your desktop.


After the live event, you can save the material and reuse it whenever you want with the continued purchase function.

Everything you need

Do you have a computer and a smart phone? Then you have everything you need to get started with live shopping! We recommend a team of at least three people. One in front of the camera, one filming and one at the computer to moderate the chat and manage the technology.

Liveshopping - allt du behöver
Liveshopping - ful kontroll

Full control

With Mavshack Liveshopping’s user-friendly interface, you always have an overview of your entire web shop and all your events.

Statistics to rely on

Thanks to real-time data, you can quickly see what’s working well or not so well and improve your event.

Statistik liveshopping
Live eller on deman

Live or on demand

You choose if you want to broadcast your event live to interact directly with customers in the chat. After the broadcast, your event will remain available for viewing at any time. Of course, the shopping function works whether someone is watching live or on demand.

Compatible and flexible

Mavshack Liveshopping works with all platforms, so you can get up and running quickly without having to switch systems.

Kompatibelt och flexibelt
Liveshopping ehandel

86 %

In 2021, Liveshopping saw a growth of 86% in Europe, according to a recent survey

Global ökning

53 md €

The global live commerce market is now estimated to be worth over €53 billion

Liveshopping smartphone


In 2021, e-commerce sales accounted for about 13% of all retail sales worldwide

Which package suits you?

We have several different packages to suit different needs. Are you looking for a couple of events a year or do you want unlimited filming? Here you can see which solution is right for you

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Case study: Sanne Alexandra

““Liveshopping is a fun shopping concept that allows our viewers to interact with our content. In addition, we get the opportunity to show off our garments in a live format which also makes it easy for us to share additional information about the product, such as garment quality”.”

We create tailored shopping experiences

With over 15 years of streaming experience and our own green screen studio in Stockholm, we have what it takes to create world-class sales events. It’s up to you whether you want to use us or do it all yourself.

Learn more about our studio

Liveshopping -Gör det själv. Eller låt oss sköta allt.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I broadcast both live and afterwards?

Absolutely, you can broadcast live and stream via your platform. In addition, the event will always be available as a video (on demand) that customers can watch afterwards and that you can use as needed.

Can I broadcast my live shopping via our social channels?

Yes, you can, but you will lose some features and we therefore recommend that you broadcast via your own platform and instead market the event in parallel via your social channels.

Can we integrate our online store with your service?

Yes, of course we can arrange it!

How do I get many viewers and wide reach?

We can offer a favorable distribution package via Bonnier News media and always recommend that you market the event via optional social channels and preferably also via influencers.

What sets Mavshack apart from other companies?

We offer personal, flexible and good service and have a unique network with broad competence. Our service is user-friendly and you can be up and running within an hour. Mavshack Liveshopping is affordable and requires no binding subscriptions!