We’ve got all you need


Camera technology

We work with 2 remote controlled SONY cameras and 1 fixed SONY with cameraman.


Sound system

Headmics and broadcast quality in ear equipment (Sennheiser).


Control room

We have a fully equipped control room with image producer, editor and camera operator.



We have large areas backstage with lounge/kitchen, make-up, dressing room and conference room.

Egen studio

Green screen studio

250 sqm studio with 3D virtual environment.

Liveshopping - utökad kundupplevelse

Virtual environment

3D environment offering different set-ups. Also available to custom design your own VR environment.



We offer streaming to websites or social channels. Chat and merchandise can easily be added.


Project managers

We have experienced project managers to help you throughout the process.

Rent equipment or bring your own

Mavshack Studio has all the skills and equipment you need for successful events. You can also choose to bring your own equipment and staff.

Liveshopping greenscreen studio
Studioe - green screen

Green screen – where do you want to broadcast from?

Want to broadcast from a skyscraper overlooking Central Park? Or from outer space. With our large green screen, your event is only limited by your imagination.

Need a photo studio?

Rent our photo studio located in Värtahamnen, Stockholm. If you are a professional photographer or agency in need of creating photos or films in an easy to use studio, then you have come to the right place.

Liveshopping -Gör det själv. Eller låt oss sköta allt.

Create a shopping experience out of the ordinary

Liveshopping is the shopping channel of the future, helping you interact with your target audience in a new way. With Mavshack Liveshopping’s smart tools, you’ll be up and running in minutes!

Producer, cameraman or just the studio

We always recommend a team of at least 3 people to make a successful event. A presenter, someone to film and someone at the computer to make sure everything works and moderate the chat. For large productions, additional assistants and roles can also be helpful.

Of course we’ll help if there’s a role you need help with. We can also do the whole production if you wish.

Liveshopping -Gör det själv. Eller låt oss sköta allt.

Frequently asked questions

Can we have any background environment?

Yes, we can work together to create your desired environment, from a warehouse, ski slope, jungle, city or bedroom, etc. Only your imagination sets the limit!

Can you drive a car into the studio?

Yes, we are the only studio in Stockholm that can take in cars at the moment.

Do you have the skills and staff to take care of our production?

Yes, we can offer everything from image technicians, photographers, editors, scriptwriters, project managers, producers, make-up artists, programme directors and influencers. But you can also rent the studio without staff if you want to produce yourself.

Can the studio be hired for purposes other than green screen production and live shopping?

Absolutely, the space is 250 sqm and has endless uses and has been used for fashion shows, commercial photography, TV studio, podcast studio, music studio, party space and more.

Do you have to rent the studio for whole days?

We are very flexible and you can hire the studio from 2 hours upwards.

Can you rent the studio for still photography?

Yes, there is also a separate photo studio with full equipment for photography. If you wish, it is also possible to hire a photographer.